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Herbalife Name Badge Order Form

Identify yourself at conferences, make networking more effective, and add impact with your Herbalife Logo.

These badges have been exclusively designed for Herbalife with your company logo, name, and tag line. Just add your name to the box below, and tell us how many you want. It's safe and easy.

 Our online ordering system is not currently available. Please call us at 860-657-4709 to place your order. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

Order New Badges - It's Safe and Easy


1.5" x 3" white name badges, with a magnetic backing to securely hold them in place, while not ruining good clothes.

$7.50 per badge

Must order at least 3 to checkout.
Feel feel to have different names on each badge. The three do not have to be the same name.
Enter the name as you would like it to be printed on this badge.
Enter the either English or Spanish to indicate your preference.
Don't worry, you can always add or remove an item later.
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